If you want it, it is our intent to get it to you!

More Products,

Simple Weekly Payments, Free Shipping!

We want everyone to be able to get the products they most desire. We specialize in offering the richest selection of products with easy weekly payments, through our

LeaseItKeepIt payment solution.

We provide easy and flexible

lease-to-own payment terms,

and because you’re leasing, you can return the products you get from us after a short minimum period, and owe no further payments.The products you receive are always NEW, sourced from top Internet retailers, AND we offer

Free Shipping.

We are based in Phoenix and San Francisco, and were founded by a pair of friends with deep experience in the internet and finance spaces.


RetailDeal is committed to getting you the items you want and need with ease and flexibility.


Alex Edelstein

Alex Edelstein is the CEO of LeaseItKeepIt.


He has participated in building some of the internet’s biggest companies; including Netscape, Microsoft, and Inktomi.

He also co-founded and built Servio, a marketing services company that was sold in 2012 to Crowdsource Solutions.

Alex has a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from University of California, Berkeley.

Chad Miraglia

Chad Miraglia is the Chairman and CFO of LeaseItKeepIt Inc.


A serial entrepreneur from a young age, he has created and run many successful businesses in consumer finance.

He has a BA from University of California, Berkeley and an undying passion for business success.


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