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Rent-To-Own Microwave at RetailDeal

Speed up your meal preparation time with RetailDeal's vast assortment of rent-to-own microwave ovens. Cook amazing dinners for friends and family with our wide range of convection, grill, solo and rotisserie microwaves without having to pay upfront. Shop our selection via a flexible "Buy Now Pay Later" plan, and pay for your microwave in convenient weekly payments.

Browse our collection of ovens, and find the one that fits your space and your needs. Featuring a host of innovative features such as auto shut-off, auto cook menus, multistage cooking, and combination among other options, these microwave ovens are made to cook tasty snacks and meals in minutes. Whether you're an amateur cook or a professional chef who loves to experiment with textures, flavors or spices, we've got a microwave to make the job easier.

We also offer ovens with programmable memory options and OTGs with varying capacities and features. Use them for roasting, baking and grilling as well as for reheating and defrosting. Many of these units don't require constant supervision, freeing you up to attend to other chores in the kitchen. A lot of them consume less power and take only minutes to clean after use. Find microwaves from renowned brands such as LG, Magic Chef, Whirlpool, Samsung, Frigidaire and many more.

Making the most of cooking begins with a great lease-to-own microwave oven from RetailDeal.

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